Cry of Fear


Find answers in the darkness and the fear


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Cry of Fear is a total conversion of the original Half Life, which doesn´t use any files from either game. Using and old and out of date motor it manages to create one of the best horror stories we can enjoy on a computer. Furthermore, being a `mod´ it´s totally free (if we have the mentioned Half Life of course).

The adventure of Cry of Fear starts when our character wakes up in a dark alleyway, confused and not exactly knowing how on earth he got there. The story starts in this typical way using the traditional horror conventions very well, but will end up being an outstanding adventure.

All the action in the game is developed in first person and even though at first we won´t have any weapons other than our cellphone, a photo camera and a knife, as we go along discovering new threats we will manage to get better weapons and equipment. And we will need them, because some of the most dangerous enemies in the game will need a good shot in the face.

Graphically Cry of Fear is quite old-fashioned, but taking into account that it uses a more than fifteen year old motor, it´s not quite so bad. In any case, thanks to the dark setting and the design of some of the creatures, the game produces authentic terror anyways.

Cry of Fear is an outstanding mod that tells a very good horror story, and will give its players some of the biggest frights since Silent Hill.

It requires having Half Life registered and installed on Steam to work.

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